Is there a mobile app?
Our client mobile app is coming soon to the App Store and Google Play (November 2021).

What food databases do you have in SENPRO?
We have the UK McCance and Widdowson food database and will be expanding the food database to accommodate for our Australian and US user base very soon (end of 2021).

What is the SENPRO Academy?
The SENPRO Academy will host business resources, exclusive content and masterclasses to help you lay solid foundations for growing a successful and sustainable business.

Do I have to integrate with Stripe in order to accept payments through SENPRO
Stripe is our chosen payment gateway for accepting payments securely. If you're new to Stripe, check out this article we wrote here. We appreciate that you may already use other payment gateways. Please let us know what other payment gateways you already use as we aim to expand our integrations list.

I want to list my paid services but do not want to accept payments through Stripe
You can list all your services (paid or unpaid) on your profile, without the need to integrate with Stripe. Accepting payments via Stripe is entirely optional.

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