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Listing one-off and subscription based services without Stripe
Listing one-off and subscription based services without Stripe
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Now you can list your one-off and subscription based services on your professional profile without having to connect with Stripe!

Why is this important?

Stripe is a trusted payment gateway that we have chosen to integrate with, in order for you to accept payments securely online. If you are unfamiliar with Stripe, please read this article we wrote here.

We appreciate that some of you do not use Stripe and would prefer to use other payment gateways, such as PayPal.

This new update will enable us to expand our list of payment gateway integrations in the future!

How will this impact my clients signing up to my services?

Your new and existing customers will arrive on your service landing pages to request or join your services as normal. The only difference is that you will be required to communicate your preferred method of payment to your customers separately (or in the service description) IF you have chosen not to connect with Stripe to accept payment.

When creating your service, you might consider adding a link for your clients to make payment in either the service description or auto-message.

Have any other questions about services or connecting with Stripe? Please don't hesitate to get in touch using the chat feature!

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