How to create a service

Learn how to create free, one-off and subscription based services on SENPRO

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To create and manage your services, go to My Services, then click the Add New Service button.

Title and description

Give you service a title and description. This is displayed on the service landing page, so it's important these accurately reflect the service offered.

You can add headers, bullet points and images in your description. Click here or the help button displayed when creating a new service to learn more about formatting.

Select the type of service

You are able to create three types of services on SENPRO:

  • Free (such as a free discovery call)

  • One-off (for example a one-off consultation)

  • Subscription (for example an on-going nutrition coaching programme)

Public and private services

The public / private setting determines how you would like to advertise your nutrition service.

Public services are publicly visible on your profile page.

This means anyone viewing your profile on the SENPRO Directory will be able to see your public nutrition services. Examples of services you might wish to make public include:

  • Discovery calls

  • In person or online consultations

  • E-books or other digital products

  • Other fixed fee services

Private services on the other hand are not displayed on your public profile.

Instead, you are able to share private services directly with those who you intend on viewing them. Examples of services you may mark as private include:

  • A bespoke nutrition service that you have created for a specific client

  • Bespoke services that you wish to promote to specific audience via social media or directly via email


Enter the billing information (including currency and billing frequency) for your new one-off or subscription based service.

Accepting payment for your service via Stripe is entirely optional. The option to Accept payment securely with Stripe will only be displayed if you have already connected your SENPRO account with Stripe. You can learn more about Stripe here.

Auto-accept and auto-welcome

By default, you must review when a client requests your service. However, by turning auto-accept on, means your clients are automatically able to join your service. This is particularly useful for when promoting services that do not require you to careful consideration. For example, when promoting an upcoming nutrition presentation to a specific targeted audience.

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