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Build your nutritionist profile

Build your profile, support for nutritionists

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Your SENPRO profile is your shop front! It's where new and existing customers are able to learn more about you and the services you have to offer. Clients can sign up or request your services directly from your profile!

There are 4 main sections to complete:

  1. Profile

  2. About

  3. Services

  4. Credentials


Your profile card includes the following key pieces of information:

  • Professional looking profile photo

  • Title, for example Performance Nutritionist

  • Location, for example London, UK

  • Contact details, including social media handles, website and telephone number

  • Specialisms in other words, key skills or competencies


Introduce yourself! Tell your readers about your background and experience working with individual athletes, teams or other specific populations. If you're just starting out, talk about your philosophy and 'approach' to nutrition! Outline your main areas of interests and the type of client your wish to work with, for example you might specialise in working with endurance athletes.


Your services can be displayed publicly or privately. When listed publicly, they will be visible on your public profile. This is great for your standard set price services, such as one-off consultations and discovery calls. Viewers of your profile are able to automatically join or request your services through SENPRO. We wrote a more comprehensive guide to creating your services here.


Your credentials include qualifications, credentials, licenses and other related academic or professional achievements. Please also upload any transcripts / certificates as proof of your listed credential.

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