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Getting started on SENPRO
Getting started on SENPRO

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Welcome to SENPRO - a client coaching platform built for Sport and Exercise Nutritionists ๐Ÿ‘‹

We help Sport and Exercise Nutritionists streamline their practice and deliver a world class nutrition service to their clients.

Our client mobile app helps bridge the gap between Sport and Exercise Nutritionists and clients. The app provides clients with a smart and easy to use interface and equips them with the tools & resources they need to achieve their goals.

Sport and Exercise Nutritionists use SENPRO for our:

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Steps to get started

Step 1: Build Your Profile

Your profile is your shop front, so itโ€™s important it looks professional to new and existing clients. Go to Business Tools in the left navigation menu and then click My Profile. Upload your profile image, then add your social media handles, contact details and location. Introduce yourself by writing a short bio and then list your nutrition services and credentials.

Step 2: Add Your Custom Brand

You can add your professional brand to the SENPRO platform and when your export recipes, meal plans, client progress reports and consultation notes to PDF. Go to your Account Settings and then click Custom Branding to add your logo to the Platform. Your clients will also see your brand when they use SENPRO.

Step 3: Add Yourself as a Client

We recommend that you add yourself as a client to help you get to grips with the platform from your clients perspective! In the left navigation menu, go to Client Management then click the New Client button. Add your first name, surname and then enter your email address. Please note, you will need to use a separate email to the one you used to create your nutritionist account! Once complete, you will receive an activation email to complete your client account set up.

Step 4: Download the Client Mobile App

Go to the App Store or Google Play to download the SENPRO client mobile app. Use your new client account log in details that we created in the previous step.

Step 5: Add some habits to track

Let's add some habits to your new example account! In the client management area, find your client account and click Manage. In the Client Overview you will see the habit tracker. Let's add a new habit like "take lunch away from the desk". Your clients will be able to track their habits using a simple traffic light system. Plus, they can document their daily reflections by adding notes to their habit tracker.

Step 6: Add your content

Upload infographics, YouTube videos and other educational resources in My Content. In Recipes you will find over 120 recipes that are ready for you to use with your clients, or you can add your own recipes using our recipe builder! In Meal Plan Templates you can build example meal plans to share with or assign to clients.

Step 7: Learn about delivering nutrition education via SENPRO

Help clients improve their nutrition knowledge by delivering your nutrition education programme through SENPRO! Post recipes, infographics, YouTube videos, general announcements and links to external sites. Your clients will view all posts via a social media like feed, either from the web-platform, or from the mobile app.

Step 8: Learn about nutrition programming in SENPRO

SENPRO provides nutritionists and clients with powerful tools for meal planning, food photo logging, food tracking, performance plates and more!

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