Overview of the SENPRO web-platform

Overview, web-platform for clients

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SENPRO is a web-app, which means it can be accessed from any Wi-Fi or signal enabled device. We've designed SENPRO with mobile in mind and we recommend that you add SENPRO to your mobile home screen. We're also pleased to let you know the client app is coming soon to the App Store & Google Play!

The core features in SENPRO include:


The dashboard is home to the habit tracker, weekly check-in and the feed.

  • Habit tracker: Add & track habits across the week using the traffic light system. Add notes to each day by clicking the date.

  • Check-ins: Any scheduled check-ins will be displayed on your dashboard. The status of the check-in change to Complete Now on the day of the check-in.

  • The Feed: Posts created by your nutritionist will be displayed in your Feed.


The Planner can be used in a number of different ways. We recommend that this is communicated with you by your nutritionist.

  • Food photo logging

  • Performance Plates

  • Add recipes into the planner

  • Classic food logging

  • Add notes


Here you will find recipes created by performance nutritionists and trained chefs. Mark your favourite recipes and add recipes straight into your planner by clicking the [+] button.


Track important metrics in Progress.


In the top right hand corner, you will find the messages icon. Here you can communicate with your nutritionist and send images.


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