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March 2022

Sync MyFitnessPal food diary data with SENPRO!

Clients already familiar with using MyFitnessPal will soon be able to sync their food diary with SENPRO. For nutritionists, this means you will be able to view your clients MyFitnessPal food diary in the SENPRO Planner (week view), helping keep everything in one place.

Written: March 2022

Status: In progress

Past updates:

February 2022:

Mobile app users no longer need to log in each time they want to use the app 😅

We've introduced new unit of measurements for updating weight.

We integrated our web-platform with a new food database containing branded & generic food items across the UK, USA and Australia.

Customers can now pay for SENPRO in GBP, USD ($) or AUD ($).


We launched the SENPRO client mobile app to the App Store & Google Play!

Clients and nutritionists can add notes to the Planner

Improved display of nutrition information per meal in the Planner

New view - table view for client management

New feature - track progress on a group basis

Improvement - copy individual day or entire weeks in the Planner

Improvement - new smart search & filter with multi-add functionality

New feature - appointment scheduling

Improvement - export clients Planner (week view) to PDF

Improvement - create your own metrics


New feature - we launched organisations

New feature - client check-ins - a powerful tool, which when combined with the habit tracker, will enable you to regularly review and monitor your clients progress.

New feature - a visual tool to help clients track their habits using a simple traffic light system.

New feature - custom branding - showcase your professional logo across the platform.

New feature - group management - create and manage groups in SENPRO

October 2020: We launched SENPRO

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