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How to sync MyFitnessPal food diary data into SENPRO
How to sync MyFitnessPal food diary data into SENPRO

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This article is for nutritionist account holders. If you are a client of a nutritionist, please view this step by step guide here on how to sync your MyFitnessPal food diary with SENPRO.

About this feature

Clients already familiar with using the popular food logging app, MyFitnessPal can now sync their MFP food diary with SENPRO. After completing the following steps, the foods your clients log in MyFitnessPal will automatically sync into the SENPRO Planner. This will enable you to keep everything in one place and allow your clients to continue food logging in an app they're already familiar with.

Step 1: Your client must set their MyFitnessPal food diary to Public

From the web-platform, ask your client to:

  1. Log into their MyFitnessPal account:

  2. Click Settings

  3. Go to Diary Settings

  4. Select "Public"

From the mobile app, ask your client to:

  1. Login to the mobile app

  2. Tap More > Settings > Diary Settings > Diary Sharing (as pictured below)

  3. Select "Public"

Step 2: Ask your client for their MyFitnessPal username

Your client can obtain their MFP username from the MyFitnessPal mobile app or from the MyFitnessPal web-platform as pictured below.

Step 3: Enter your clients MyFitnessPal username into SENPRO

  1. Go to your clients Planner (week view) and click "customise display" (pictured below).

  2. Enter your clients MyFitnessPal username in the field, then click "Save".

  3. You can choose whether to display the MyFitnessPal data in your view (nutritionist view) and / or your clients view using the hide / show toggle.


If nutrient values are not correctly syncing from MyFitnessPal into the SENPRO planner, please ask your client to check they have the following nutrients selected to be tracked. This can be checked from the MyFitnessPal web-platform, in Diary Settings area:

  1. Carbohydrates

  2. Protein

  3. Fat

How will MyFitnessPal data be displayed in SENPRO

After following the above steps, you will be able to view your clients MyFitnessPal food diary in both the Planner "week view" and "day view".

Week view - this displays a Monday to Sunday view of your clients week. We will pull any foods logged across the week and will display meal totals as well as the day totals.

Day view - Click the date (e.g Tuesday 22nd March) or click "day view" in the top left hand corner of the Planner to view a clients food diary in more detail. As well as displaying nutrition totals per meal and per day, we also provide nutrition information per ingredient logged (if this information is available).


The following information is not yet synced from MyFitnessPal into SENPRO:

  • Food notes

  • Exercise notes

  • Logged exercise

  • Logged fluid intake

This is a one-way sync, from MyFitnessPal to SENPRO. This means, all meal plans generated in SENPRO cannot be synced & displayed to the client in MyFitnessPal.

MyFitnessPal data will only be synced into the SENPRO web-platform. However we may extend this functionality in the mobile app in the future. The primary purpose of this feature is to enable nutritionists to view their clients food diary data, which is why we have not enabled MyFitnessPal data to be synced into the SENPRO client mobile app.

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