How will my clients use SENPRO?

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Your clients can access SENPRO from any web-browser or they can download our client mobile app:

Importantly, your clients must have activated their SENPRO account first & created a password in order for them to log in SENPRO via the web or mobile app.

We've created support articles for your clients to help them get to grips with the platform, whether they're using our web-platform or the client mobile app.

We've provided an overview of all client feature below:

Client Mobile App

The Feed

SENPRO offers a secure & professional environment for nutritionists to post high quality nutrition education & support on a one-to-one and group basis. Through a “social media” style feed, clients can view & interact with their nutritionists posts.

Habit tracker

Help clients gain momentum, improve accountability and build small but life changing habits. Plus clients can document their daily reflections by adding notes to their habit tracker.


Through the Planner, clients can log foods using our built in food database. Our database includes generic & branded food across the UK, USA and Australia. Or through a quick & easy food photo, clients can log their meals and receive constructive feedback from their nutritionist. Finally, clients can nutrition programmes created by their nutritionist.


Access over 150 + recipes, designed by performance nutritionists to help clients fuel & recover. Our delicious recipes use common supermarket ingredients and are easy to make! Clients can use tags to filter recipes or mark their favourites for easier discovery.


Clients can update and monitor their weight, or view weight targets from the Progress page. Future versions will include more metrics and the ability to sync with third party apps.


Through our in-app messenger, clients and nutritionists can stay connected remotely. Clients can receive the feedback & support they need wherever they are in the world.

Web Browser

The Dashboard

The dashboard contains the habit tracker, weekly check-in as well as the feed. In the top right hand corner, your clients will also find notifications, messages and your account settings.

The habit tracker: Clients can track their habits across the week by clicking on the blank box, using the traffic light symbol to indicate whether the habit has been completed for the day. Clients can click the date to add a note to the day.

Check-ins: Any scheduled check-ins will be displayed on your clients dashboard. The status of the check-in change to Complete Now on the day of the check-in.

The Feed: Any posts you deliver to your client will be displayed in their Feed. We created an in depth guide to nutrition education which you can find at the end of this guide.


The Planner can be used in a number of different ways by your clients. We recommend that you communicate with your clients how you would like for them to use the Planner.

Food photo logging: A quick and easy way for clients to log what they're eating on a daily basis.

Performance Plates: These are a visual coaching tool that can be used to help educate clients on how to fuel their bodies on a day to day, or meal by meal basis.

Add recipes into the planner: Clients can add recipes into the planner. This is great for planning the week in advance!

Classic food logging: Clients are able to search and add foods into their planner (the more traditional food logging approach).

Add notes: Sometimes, a quick note is a great way for a client to log what they've eaten, or to let you know how their training / competition fuelling strategy went.


Here, clients will find recipes created by performance nutritionists and trained chefs. They can mark their favourite recipes and add recipes straight into their planner by clicking the [+] button. Clients can also print recipes to PDF.


Clients can also track and monitor important metrics, such as their weight. As their nutritionist, you are able to select which metrics are displayed to the client.


Give clients feedback and support via Messages. Send image and attach GIFs.

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