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The SENPRO recipe database has been created by Sport and Exercise Nutritionists alongside professionally trained chefs to help you save time (and money). SENPRO also allows you to create and share your own recipes with clients!

Step 1: Enter basic recipe information

From Recipes, click the New Recipe button.

In the side-bar that appears on your screen, complete the information required, including:

  • Recipe name

  • Recipe image

  • Recipe description / additional information

  • Prep / cook time

  • Difficulty

  • Meal category (breakfast, lunch, dinner and / or snack)

  • Privacy (see note on privacy settings at the end of this article)

Step 2: Add recipe ingredients and steps

Enter the number of portions the recipe makes.

Search the SENPRO database of foods, then add quantities for each ingredient. We'll calculate the nutrition information of the recipe as you go along.

Next, add the method steps. Adding method images is optional but a great way to help guide your clients through the recipe.

Click Save when complete.

Recipe privacy settings

When creating recipes on SENPRO, you have two privacy options:

  • Me only - recipes you create will only be visible to you. If you include one of your recipes in a clients meal plan, or you share a recipe to your clients feed, the recipe privacy settings will automatically change to Me and Clients (see below)

  • Me and clients - recipes with this privacy setting will be shown to your clients on the recipe database. They will clearly see that you are the author of the recipe.

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