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How to use the recipe feature
How to use the recipe feature

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The SENPRO database is stocked with over 120 delicious recipes to help you get started! All of our recipes have been created by performance nutritionists and trained chefs. You can of course create unlimited recipes of your own using our recipe builder.

How to use recipes

Share with clients in SENPRO
Use the share button to post recipes to your clients feed. This could be a "recipe of the week" post encouraging clients to try out new recipes.

Build meal plans / example menus

Use recipes when meal planning. This will help make the meal planning process a lot quicker! We recommend keeping the recipe database open in one tab and the meal plan template you're working on in the other.

Assign to your clients planner

Add a recipe directly into your clients Planner. This might be useful the day before match day for example, where you would like your clients to eat a particular pasta dish to help them fuel up!

Export to PDF

You can export all recipes to PDF to use as recipe cards. These make great handouts to use at the training ground or in your private practice. You can add your brand when you export to PDF too (Professional tier only).

Give clients access to the entire recipe database

By adding your client to SENPRO, they can browse the full recipe database. This is a great way to help clients broaden their knowledge of recipes.

Viewing recipes

Click on any recipe in the database to view the recipe in full.

For each recipe we will display:

  • Recipe image

  • Quick tags

  • Description

  • Favourite, export, share and assign buttons

  • Recipe author

  • Nutrition information

  • Ingredient list

  • Step by step methods

  • Allergens (where ingredient allergen information is available)

You can change the number of portions using the toggle in the ingredients box.

How to build your own recipe

You can use the recipe builder to create your own recipes. We wrote an article explaining how to create recipes in more detail:

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