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Overview of the SENPRO client mobile app
Overview of the SENPRO client mobile app

Overview of the client mobile app features

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Welcome to the SENPRO client mobile app, which is available to both iOS and Android users. The client app is the perfect companion to our web-platform and helps connect clients and their coach. The mobile app offers clients a simply and easy to use interface and equips them with the tools and resources they need to achieve their health & performance goals.

Version 1 of the client mobile app includes the following tools, each explained in more detail below:

The Feed

SENPRO offers a secure & professional environment for nutritionists to post high quality nutrition education & support on a one-to-one and group basis. Through a “social media” style feed, clients can view & interact with their nutritionists posts.

Habit tracker

Help clients gain momentum, improve accountability and build small but life changing habits. Plus clients can document their daily reflections by adding notes to their habit tracker.


Through the Planner, clients can log foods using our built in food database. Our database includes generic & branded food across the UK, USA and Australia. Or through a quick & easy food photo, clients can log their meals and receive constructive feedback from their nutritionist. Finally, clients can find templates created by their coach.


Access over 150 + recipes, designed by performance nutritionists to help clients fuel & recover. Our delicious recipes use common supermarket ingredients and are easy to make! Clients can use tags to filter recipes or mark their favourites for easier discovery.


Clients can update and monitor their weight, or view weight targets from the Progress page. Future versions will include more metrics and the ability to sync with third party apps.


Through our in-app messenger, clients and nutritionists can stay connected remotely. Clients can receive the feedback & support they need wherever they are in the world.

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