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How to use the habit tracker
How to use the habit tracker

Habit tracker, support for nutritionists

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Changing a behaviour, or forming a new habit doesn't happen overnight. It takes time, concentration and repetition for the desired behaviour to eventually become automatic, with little to no thought being required to perform the new behaviour.

The SENPRO habit tracker is a visual and highly effective tool that can help your clients gain momentum, improve accountability and build small but life changing habits.

You will find the habit tracker located in your clients "overview" tab.

How to create a new habit

  1. Click add a new habit

  2. Type in the new habit

  3. Click the add button

  4. Your client will be notified that they have a new habit to track

How to add notes to the habit tracker

Clients can also add notes to their habit tracker. This is a great way for clients to log their daily reflections each day, or to share other information about their day with you. Any notes added by your client will be displayed using a speech bubble next to the date.

How to delete a habit

Simply hover over the habit name and a small [x] icon will appear. Click the [x] icon to delete the habit. Please note, this action cannot be undone.

How do my clients use the habit tracker?

From either the web-platform or the mobile app, your clients can complete their habit tracker using a simple traffic light system. To learn more about how clients use the habit tracker, see this resource here:

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