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Welcome to the habit tracker πŸ‘‹ Here you can build new habits and track them over time using our visual traffic light system.

When you update your habit tracker from the mobile app, it will automatically update the web-version, which can be viewed by your nutritionist. Any existing habits tracked through the web-platform will automatically be displayed in the mobile app.

This article will cover:

How to create a habit

Remember, when creating habits, all new habits will be visible to your nutritionist. To create a new habit:

  1. From the habit tracker, tap the "add habit" button in the bottom left hand corner.

  2. Type your new habit and then tap the "save" button.

  3. Your new habit will be displayed in the habit tracker.

How to mark a habit as complete

We use a simple traffic light system to mark habits as complete or not. To the right hand side of the habit, tap the white-outlined circle to toggle the colour to green, amber or red. Typically, green signifies you've completed the habit!

How to delete a habit

Right now, you are unable to delete a habit via the mobile app. Please ask your nutritionist to remove any habits on your behalf.

How to add a note

Clients can document their daily reflections by adding notes to their habit tracker. All notes added to the habit tracker will be made visible to your nutritionist.

To add a note:

  1. Tap the blue "add note" button, a new page will appear.

  2. Type your note.

  3. Tap the blue "add note" button again to save the note.

  4. You can go back to edit the note by tapping "view & edit note" should you need to make any changes.

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