How to use the habit tracker

Habit tracker, web-platform for clients

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The habit tracker is a highly visual & powerful tool and is located on your dashboard.

Habits added by your nutritionist

Your nutritionist can add habits for you to track. When they do, you will be required to accept or reject the new habit request. This will be displayed within the habit tracker.

How to add your own habits

Simply tap / click add a new habit and give your new habit a name. Then click save. The new habit will be shown in the habits table and your nutritionist will be updated.

Completing your habit tracker

By default, the boxes will be blank. To update your habit, click the blank box and select green, amber or red to mark whether you have completed the habit for the day.

Add a note to the habit tracker

You can add a note to the day by clicking the date, for example Wed 11 Nov. Write your note and then click save. These notes are also visible to your nutritionist.

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