How to complete a check-in

Check-ins, web-platform for clients

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Check-ins are a really useful tool to help you reflect on a weekly basis. It's a great opportunity for your nutritionist to see how your week has been and what they can do to help moving forward.

Where can I find check-ins?

Check-ins are located on your dashboard.

On mobile check-ins are positioned just below the habit tracker.

On desktop, check-ins are positioned on the right hand side of the screen.

How do check-ins work?

Your nutritionist will schedule your weekly check-in day.

Upcoming check-ins will inform you when your next check-in is due to be completed.

The check-in status will change to Complete Now on the day of your check-in.

Click Complete Now to start your check-in. In the side-bar, you will see the check-in questions. Answer these in as much detail as possible for your nutritionist. Click Submit once you've finished.

Your nutritionist will be notified once you've completed your check-in.

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