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How to schedule a client check-in
How to schedule a client check-in

Check-ins, support for nutritionists

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The check-ins feature complements the habit tracker and will provide your client with an opportunity to reflect on their week. It's a great opportunity for you to interact with your clients and provide them with the remote feedback and support they require.

In this article, we will cover:

How to configure a client check-in

Check-ins are found in the Overview tab when managing a client.

First click the cog icon to configure the check-in.

Next, select the check-in form you would like your client to complete. You can use the default SENPRO check-in, or you can create your own.

Then select the day you would like your client to complete their weekly check-in.

How to create a new check-in

In the left menu, go to Practice Tools, followed by Questionnaires. Click on the Check-ins tab, followed by the Create New button.

Here you can build your check-in questions using a variety of response types, including traffic lights, emojis or text-only responses.

Click the Save button when complete.

How will my client complete a check-in?

The check-in block will always be visible to your clients on their Dashboard.

When it is your clients check-in day, the check-in status will change from Upcoming to Complete now.

When your client clicks Complete Now, the check-in will appear in the side bar.

After completing their check-in, they will click the Save button. The status of the check-in will change from Complete Now to View / Redo.

How to view a completed check-in

You will be notified when a client completes a check-in. The status of the check-in will change from Due Today to View. Simply click the view button to view the completed check-in.

Feedback can be delivered to clients via Messages.

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