In the main menu, go to Practice Tools, then Meal Plan Templates.

Next click Create Template.

In the side bar, enter the template name, as well as a description. Select the Type of day the template is suitable for. You can choose from:

  • Match day

  • Match day - 1

  • High volume training day

  • Low volume training day

  • Rest day

  • Injured athlete

  • Off-season

Selecting a Type of day helps your clients find suitable templates when in their Planner.

You will now be in the meal plan builder where you will be able to add blocks (such as breakfast at 7am), then add foods / recipes to those blocks.

Now that you've created a block, click the Add Food button. You can search for foods / recipes or use the discovery panel to gain inspiration.

Once you have searched for a food / recipe, enter the portion size / quantity.

Next choose to add the food / recipe to the block or at a new time. We will automatically create an unnamed block if you add the food / recipe at a new time.

Once you have completed your meal plan template, you have the option to assign or share it with your clients. Alternatively, you can export to PDF to share with clients manually.

To learn more about assigning, sharing and exporting meal plan templates, take a look at this article we wrote here:

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