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How to add foods and recipes in the planner
How to add foods and recipes in the planner

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Traditionally, meal planning has been an unenjoyable, time consuming task. We've made every effort to make this process as slick and as easy as possible. Using a smart search & multi-add functionality, you will be able to add foods & recipes into the Planner in no time. Here's how:

  1. Click the gold [+] button, then select add meal. Alternatively, click the [•••] icon, followed by "auto-add meals" to automatically generate breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner blocks for that day.

  2. In the sidebar, enter the meal name and the time, then click "save".

  3. In the new block, click the [+] button to display the food & recipe search (pictured below).

Using the food / recipe smart search

You'll see four tabs:

  • Regional (containing branded and generic UK, USA and Australian foods)

  • Foods (our curated list of foods by SENPRO)

  • Recipes

  • Favourites

Use the search bar to find specific foods or recipes. Alternatively, use the tags to find suitable foods & recipes. To view more tags, click the [•••] button.

When using the smart search in the planner, the yellow & blue bars will help give an indication of how much the food or recipe contributes towards the calorie / macronutrient targets set for the day. If no targets have been set, the bars will not be displayed.

Once you've found the food or recipe you would like to add, press the [+] button on the left hand side. You can continue searching for other foods with our multi-add functionality (explained next). Click the [SAVE] button when you're ready to add the food(s).

Multi-add functionality

You will see the food / recipe added to the gold bar fixed to the bottom of the side bar. This allows you to continue your search for other foods / recipes. When you're ready to add them to the planner, click the [ADD] button on the right hand side of the gold bar. This new multi-add functionality will help you save time when programming / meal planning.

You will now see the foods / recipes in the planner as pictured below.

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