How to take a food photo

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Food photos are a quick and easy way for you to get feedback from your nutritionist on the meals you consume each day. For your nutritionist, food photos provide an excellent insight into your meal quality and quantity.

How to send a food photo

In the Planner, click the gold add button. Then select add meal. Give the meal a name (for example, breakfast) and a time (08:00).

In your newly created meal, click the photo icon. A side-bar will appear, where you can take a food photo or choose image from library. Next, answer two quick questions on whether you enjoyed the meal and how full you now feel. Finally, add any other information in the comments box that might be useful for your nutritionist to know, for example if you ate / drank something not pictured.

How will I receive feedback

Feedback may be provided by your nutritionist. This will be delivered via Messages with an image of the food photo they are providing feedback on as pictured below.

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