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How to take food photos in the planner
How to take food photos in the planner

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Food photos are a quick and easy way to log your meals! Your food photos will be visible to your nutritionist for their feedback.

From the Planner, tap the blue "add meal" button to create a new meal block.

Give the meal a name and time, for example breakfast at 7:30, then tap the blue "add meal" button.

You will see your new meal block in the Planner.

Next, tap the camera icon that will appear to the right of the new meal block.

Here you can take a food photo using your mobile camera, or you can choose from your photo library.

After taking the photo, or selecting from your library, tap the blue "save food photo" button.

You will be directed back to the Planner and a thumbnail will appear in place of the camera icon. This might take a few seconds to load depending on the size of the image.

To replace or delete the food photo, tap the food photo thumbnail.

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