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Use SENPRO to organise all your content in one tidy place, from infographics, to YouTube videos and other educational resources.

How to upload content

Click the Upload New button. You will be directed to a new page to enter information about your new content, including:

  • Title

  • Author

  • Description

  • Upload file, such as an Infographic

If you would like all clients to automatically have access to your new article, tick the checkbox, 'Automatically make this article available to all my clients'

Tagging your content by topic (such as hydration) or file type (such as Infographic) will make your content easily discoverable.

How to share content with clients

There are two ways to make content available to clients:

  • Share to their feed

  • Assign to your clients Learning Zone

Share to the feed

Sharing content regularly to your clients feed is a great way to deliver a nutrition education programme. You can post to an individual client, multiple clients or an entire group. To share content in this way, click the share icon, construct the post and then click share.

Your client(s) will be notified that you've posted to their feed and the article will automatically be made available in their Learning Zone for future reference.

Assign to Learning Zone

Alternatively, you can assign content directly into your clients Learning Zone.

Your client will be notified that new content has been added and will be prompted to view their new content.

Click the assign icon and then select the client(s) you would like to make your content available to. They will be notified that you have assigned something into their Learning Zone.

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