What is an Organisation?
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You can now add nutritionist accounts to your account! This is achieved through the new Organisations feature.

Nutritionists you add to your organisation will only be able to manage clients / groups you give them permission to work with. We explain the permission settings in more detail in another article.

Organisations are great for private practices or sports teams / academies who employ multiple nutritionists.

How to create an organisation

First, you must be subscribed to the Professional plan. Organisations are not available on the Starter plan.

Organisations can be created by going to Account Settings, followed by the Organisations tab.

Click the New Organisation button and give your new Organisation a name and logo.

You will automatically be added to the Organisation as the Creator.

To add nutritionists to your Organisation, click invite nutritionist.

Enter their first name, last name and email address, then click the invite button.

An activation email will be sent to the new nutritionist. You can also copy and send their bespoke activation link as explained shortly.

If the nutritionist already has a SENPRO account, they will receive a notification to join your organisation.

A note on billing - you will be billed £9.99 / month per additional nutritionist account you add to your organisation. We discuss billing in more detail later in this article.

The additional nutritionist account will now display in your organisation. The activation link will also be visible under their name. You can also copy the bespoke URL code to send manually to the new nutritionist.

Which clients / groups the new nutritionist is able to manage comes down to the permission levels you set, as well as the groups you allocate them to.

To edit permissions and to allocate nutritionists to groups, click the Edit Settings link.

You can see below that we've allocated the new nutritionist account (Jess Smith) to manage the First Team within SENPRO United FC.


There are three permission levels:

  • Creator (full admin access and responsible for billing)

  • Admin (able to view / manage all clients within the organisation)

  • Practitioner (able to view / manage clients within groups they are allocated to)

We created an article that explains permissions in more detail here: http://support.senprofessional.com/en/articles/4739467-permissions-explained


As the Creator of the Organisation, you will be billed £9.99 / month for each nutritionist you add to your Organisation. This will be added to your existing subscription.

When you remove a nutritionist from your Organisation, you will no longer be billed for that additional nutritionist account.

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