How to message my nutritionist

In-app messenger, client mobile app

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Welcome to the in-app messenger πŸ‘‹ Here you can connect and communicate with your nutritionist remotely.

Locating the messenger

Tap the chat icon in the top right hand corner when viewing the "Feed" to open the conversation thread between you and your nutritionist.

How to send a message

To open the keypad on your mobile, tab the grey text box. Here you can type your message for your nutritionist. Please note, you cannot yet delete a message once sent.

How to send an image

Tap the camera icon to add an image to your message. Here you can select an image from your phone library or take a photo using your camera. Tap the blue "add photo" button to attach the image to the message.

Future improvements

In future versions of the client mobile app, we aim to introduce the following features:

  • Record voice notes

  • Send videos

  • Delete messages

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