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Collections are available on the web-platform for coaches and clients. We will introduce collections into the client mobile app in the near future.

What is a collection?

A collection is basically a folder! Collections help coaches organise and share content and will provide coaches with a great way to build out the client knowledge hubs. Both recipes and resources can be added into a single collection. In the future, we'll enable coaches to add other items into a collection too, like habits, meal plan templates and questionnaires.

Who can build a collection?

SENPRO coaches can build unlimited collections. The means, for coaches just starting out, they can build out their entire knowledge hub before onboarding their clients.

Who can access my collections?

Once a coach has built a collection, they can choose which clients they would like to share it with using the following permissions:

  • All clients - this applies to all current and future clients. |

  • Specific groups - this applies to all clients within a group now and any clients added to the group in the future.

  • Specific clients - this enables a coach to be very specific and give individual clients access to the collection.

To give an example of how these permissions would work. Let's say you built a collection called 'Welcome pack' and it contained introductory resources and basic information to help your new clients settle into their new programme. This would be a great collection to share with "all clients".

How will a client view a collection?

Clients can view collections shared with them by their coach from the web-platform. In the left menu, they will see a new section called 'Explore' where they will find the 'Collections' tab (pictured below). In the near future, we'll introduce collections into the client mobile app too.

How do I add a recipe or resource to a collection?

You can add a recipe or resource to an existing collection from the following locations:

  • Recipes hub

    • When viewing a specific recipe

  • My Content

    • When viewing a specific resource

Simply look for the "ADD TO COLLECTION" icon (pictured below).

When clicked, a side modal will appear, where you can choose which collection you would like to add the item too.

Here are a few examples of collections you could build:

  • Welcome pack for new clients

  • FAQ's

  • Basics of nutrition

  • Super smoothies

  • Fight week recipes

  • Guide to performance plates

  • Supplements directory

Feedback πŸ’¬

We can't wait to hear what collections you build. Please also share your feedback with us by contacting us via our live chat.

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