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How to use build and share questionnaires
How to use build and share questionnaires

Questionnaires, support for nutritionists

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In this article, we will cover:

  1. How to build a questionnaire

  2. How your clients view and complete a questionnaire

How to build a questionnaire

You can build questionnaires from scratch on SENPRO, which means you will have full control over what questions you ask and how your clients can respond to them.

To build a new questionnaire:

  1. Go to Questionnaires in Practice Tools then click Create New.

  2. Give your questionnaire a title, for example Athlete Wellbeing Questionnaire.

  3. You can enter up to 15 questions.

  4. Response types include numerical (1 to 5), text, thumbs up / down, emoji faces and true / false.

  5. You can enter additional support text for each question.

  6. Click Save when you're done.

How to assign a questionnaire

Assign your questionnaire to individual clients or entire groups (coming soon). Assign now or schedule your questionnaire to be completed at a later date.

How will my client view and complete a questionnaire?

Your client will receive a notification to complete the newly assigned questionnaire. When clicked, the questionnaire will appear as shown below. Once completed, they will click Save Response. You will be notified that your client has completed the questionnaire.

Viewing questionnaire responses

You will be notified when a client completes a questionnaire. Click the Results button to view all client responses to your questionnaire.

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