The planner (day view)

Learn how to use the client planner (day view)

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The Planner allows you to provide tailored support to your clients. You can use the Planner to build meal plans for your clients to follow on specific days. This may be particularly useful in the lead up to a specific competition or event for example.

How do my clients view meal plans?

Your clients view the Planner in the same way you do when in Week View. Here they can click on each of the recipes to view in more detail. They also have the scope to add foods / recipes to their Planner. You can also export meal plans to PDF to share with clients manually.

To build a meal plan in Day View

First, add a block (such as Breakfast at 8am). You can amend the name and time of the block by clicking on the pencil button on the right hand side. Click the bin button to remove the block and all foods / recipes within it.

Click the Add Food button to search for foods / recipes on the SENPRO database.

Use the downwards arrow to show all ingredients within the recipe. If you would like to modify a recipe, click the cog button on the right hand side, followed by Modify Ingredients. You will be directed to a new page to modify the recipe. Once you've made the amendments to the recipe, click Save.

Nutrition information to displayed per ingredient, recipe and block. A total for the day will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

You can calculate your clients nutrition targets by clicking Edit Target in the Nutrition Information block.

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